German Cockroach

German Cockroach

German Cockroach

  • Color: Light Brown to Tan
  • Size: 1/2" to 5/8" long
  • Legs: 6
  • Antennae: Yes
  • Shape: Oval
  • Region: U.S.

The most common species of cockroach is the German Cockroach. It can be found worldwide. It is one of the most rapidly breeding species, producing up to 6 generations per year. Once you have an infestation, reoccurring pest services are necessary to get ahead of the rapid reproductive rate of this species.

Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation

German Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, humid places close to food and water sources. Florida temperatures make a perfect environment for this species.


German cockroach droppings appear as small, dark pepper-like material on countertops, in drawers, and other frequented areas. The droppings can also appear as smears, or dark spots, in the corners of rooms, around door frames, and cracks in walls.


When there is a large population of German Cockroaches, you will be able to detect a mild musty odor from the pheromones they release.

Habits of German Cockroaches

While German cockroach infestations can occur in any human-inhabited environment, they are most closely associated with restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, nursing homes, and other commercial facilities.

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